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Twelve Mile Limit was founded in 2010, but the bar's history starts a century earlier.

The building itself was erected as a pumping station in 1910 as the city of New Orleans was draining the surrounding swamps to expand its livable real estate. It became a bar in the 1920s and was known at the time as a ballplayer hangout, being very close to what was then Pelican Park. In the mid 1920s Pelican Park was spring training home of the New York Yankees, who had just acquired Babe Ruth. Ruth, a notorious drinker, could easily have been something of a seasonal regular at the bar.

Previous bars in this location were named for their proprietors, the last being Marvin’s. “Marvelous Marvin” bought the bar in 2000 and ran it until it was almost destroyed by flooding after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He pieced it back together and reopened, but never fully recovered. Coquette and Commander’s Palace alum T. Cole Newton purchased Marvin’s in 2010 and, after some hasty renovations, opened as the neighborhood “cocktail dive” Twelve Mile Limit. Under this new identity the bar has received great acclaim, routinely being listed as one of the top bars in the city.

The kitchen at Twelve Mile Limit, affectionately called Smokin’ Hot Butts, serves an acclaimed and distinctive brand of Texas style dry rub BBQ. Founded by Restaurant August alum and former Coquette sous chef Chris Shortall, Smokin’ Hot Butts is currently run by Chef Brandi Bridgewater. In addition to being a classically trained chef and one of the bar’s first regulars, Brandi is the first cousin of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. (She still pulls for the Packers, though.)



(504) 488-8114



500 S. Telemachus St.
New Orleans, Louisiana



Sunday 10am–midnight
Monday-Friday 5pm–2am
Saturday 10am–2am



Free Food Mondays
Every Monday at 7 and 8pm

Open Mic Comedy
Mondays at 9pm

Trivia Wednesdays
Wednesdays at 8pm

Heatwave oldies dance party
Second Saturdays at 10pm

Charity Bingo
First Tuesdays 8pm


Rockets    $8

jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese,
in bacon, smoked & served
with house-made ranch


Spinach Salad    $8

beets, nuts, goat cheese, vinaigrette


Cowboy Caviar    $8

avocado, tomato, black beans, corn,
onion, chips


Big Soft Pretzel    $3

with creole mustard

Mixed Fried Vegetables    $5


Loaded Mac or Tots    $21

serves two, please allow
additional time to prepare

Mac, Pork, Fried Onions    $14


Sides   $3-4

cole slaw, beans, or tater tots    $3

mac & cheese or fried onion strings    $4

BBQ Plate    $12    

choice of brisket, pulled pork, chicken leg quarter or smoked sausage plus 2 sides; with mac & cheese or fried onions add $1; with ribs as your meat add $2; with two meats add $3


BBQ Sliders    $8    

2 sliders; choice of brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage or house veggie patty; with cole slaw add $1, pimento cheese add $2; 2 different meats add $3


Ribs!    $8

3 pieces per order


Rib Breakfast Special    $14

ribs, grits, pimento cheese,
fried egg


Breakfast Burrito    $8

eggs, hash brown, cheddar, spinach, sauteed onion; with bacon, sausage, or avocado add 3


Biscuit and Gravy   $8

smoked sausage on a biscuit
with white gravy


Quiche and/or Frittata    $7

ask about our daily selection

BBQ Benedict    $11

biscuit, pulled pork,
creamy bbq, fried egg


BBQ Sliders    $8

choice of 2 brisket, pork, sausage, or veggie patty; with cole slaw add $1; pimento cheese add $2


WBC Sliders    $10

2 burgers, pimento cheese,
bacon, fried onion, bbq


French Toast    $8

brioche, strawberries, cream

Bananas Foster Pancakes    $9


Spinach Salad    $8

beets, nuts, goat cheese, vinaigrette; with bacon, sausage, or avocado add $3


BST    $7

bacon, spinach, and tomato sandwich


Avocado Toast    $6

avocado, tomato, goat cheese



hash brown patty $1
grits    $3
spinach salad    $4

berries and cream    $6
fried onion strings    $4

fried brussels sprouts    $4




The Baudin  6  (spicy whiskey sour)

bourbon, honey, lemon, Tabasco


Brain Medicine  8  (Capri Sun-esque, frozen)

honeysuckle vodka, Hpnotiq, orgeat, lemon


Panama Papers  8  (fruity, tropical, sparkling)

pineapple rum, ginger liqueur, Cava, pineapple, OJ


Balaton  8  (malty, fruity, bitter, complex)

Pimm's, Unicum Plum, Abita Amber, lemon


Mr. Smoker  9  (smoky, sweet, sour, earthy)

mezcal, maraschino, cassis, Angostura, lime, Huhu's Ginger Brew


Gates McFadden   8 (bright, rich)

blended Scotch, strawberry dill shrub


Twelve Mile Limit  7  (rich, string, fruity)

white rum, rye, brandy, pomegranate, lime


Port au Prince  7  (bittersweet, nutty, dense)

spiced rum, Frangelico, Oloroso sherry,
chicory/pecan bitters, Islay rinse

local draft beer

Abita Amber Lager  4

Wayward Owl Clean Slate IPA  5

Second Line Blood Orange Saison  6

NOLA Irish Channel Stout  5


Dozens of beers and ciders in cans  2-5

A few wines  5-11



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Bottled Water  1

Jarritos Tamarind Soda, Abita Root Beer, Coffee, Iced Tea  3

Huhu's, Red Bull, Diet Red Bull  4



Meet Cole

Born and raised in Washington, DC, T. Cole Newton graduated from Humboldt State University with honors in 2006, earning a BA in History. From there he moved to New Orleans, enrolling with AmeriCorps to volunteer full-time in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. After his service year, Cole found his first full-time bartending job at Commander’s Palace, culinary alma mater of Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse. Cole developed a knack for bartending and hospitality, and in 2008 he developed and implemented the cocktail program as a founding staff member of the newly opened uptown bistro Coquette.

Inspired by that experience, Cole opened his celebrated Mid City cocktail dive Twelve Mile Limit in 2010. Among other honors, Twelve Mile Limit has been named as one of the top ten bars in New Orleans by the New Orleans Times-Picayune every year that list has been published. In addition to operating his own bar, Cole has consulted on bar programs at a range of venues including the restaurant Square Root, the Orpheum Theater, and the Troubadour Hotel. He has also appeared on the Sundance Channel’s Beyond the Bar series and is a fixture of cocktail competitions, having represented the United States at the International Bar Summit competition in Bordeaux, France, in 2014.

Cole’s writing on bar ownership can be found on the Tales of the Cocktail website and at his tumblr blog Big Fat Cocktails, and he hosts a podcast with fellow veteran bartender Steve Yamada called A Round With Steve and Cole. Cole also enjoys skiing and horror movie-themed board games, and he recently beat Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time without using a warp whistle.