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New Orleans' Lively Cocktail Scene

"At Twelve-Mile Limit — a dive bar in the Mid-City neighborhood that was taken over by the bartender T. Cole Newton in 2010 and given a stealth quality cocktail program and impressive back bar — customers are regularly invited to “Name This Cocktail.” The ingredients of a new creation are written on a chalkboard and stay there until someone creates an appropriate label. Sometimes the christened drink earns a permanent spot on the menu, as with the Mantis: rum, the Italian bitter Branca Menta, almond syrup and lime juice that tastes like a delicious alcoholic mouthwash. (Twelve-Mile Limit cocktails are not just good, they are dive-bar cheap, from $6 to $8.)"

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New Orleans' Top 10 Bars

T. Cole Newton, who learned his skills at Commander's Palace and Coquette, proves at Twelve Mile Limit that you can run a laid-back neighborhood bar with reasonable prices, a solid list of craft beers and well-made cocktails that arrive in no time at all. Trivia nights, music, a pool table and casual weekend brunch have made the bar a neighborhood hub."

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Best Bar in New Orleans

"Sometimes, you want a really great cocktail, yet at the same time, you don’t necessarily want the atmosphere that usually accompanies a high-class, well-made cocktail. Twelve Mile Limit splits the difference, offering amazing drinks with a dive bar atmosphere. Better than that, though, is the fact that the cocktails are some of the best deals in the city for what you’re getting. Most drinks hover between six and eight bucks, and there are also happy hour specials that knock the price down a little bit. New Orleans is a melting pot of culture and Twelve Mile Limit is the perfect, boozy epitome of that."

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Mini Guide to New Orleans nightlife

"Twelve Mile Limit is simply a great bar. It’s a neighbourhood joint in Mid-City so you’ll need to make a special trip there, but the mixed drinks are excellent (strong), the cocktails creative and the vibe is accepting. The barbecue is spot on – try the pulled pork – plus they host free buffet dinners on Monday nights (00 1 504 488 8114; 500 S Telemachus St; draught beers £1.90)."

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Drink Up - New Cocktails in New Orleans

"The bar scene at 12 Mile Limit plays fast and loose with preconceived notions as to what a high-end cocktail bar should be. There are no glowing Edison bulbs, no imported leather lounging nooks and no entree-priced cocktails. There are instead a pool table, several Louisiana State Lottery machines and an iron gate out front requiring patrons to be buzzed in as a matter of security rather than show. Mid-City is off the beaten path for most tourists, and even some cabdrivers, but those who sojourn out to Telemachus Street will be well rewarded for their troubles. 12 Mile Limit’s relative isolation and workaday charm begets enormous creativity, as the bartender and owner T. Cole Newton (formerly of Coquette) affords himself free rein with a creative, accessible cocktail program priced well below the national standard."

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November's Where to Drink Now: Twelve Mile Limit

"During Prohibition, the twelve-mile limit became the distance alcohol had to remain offshore of U.S. soil and, conveniently enough, the name of a rather potent drink. As a nod to both, 27-year-old barman Cole Newton opened this namesake bar in New Orleans just last week. Somewhat off the radar in Nola’s mostly residential Mid-City neighborhood, Newton has created a spot where you can get, “amazing craft cocktails, but at dive bar prices,” he says. Newton spent the past two years managing the bar program at Coquette Bistro, where he crafted cocktails with homemade ingredients and artisanal spirits but found that while “a lot of us bartenders want to drink those same things,” he says, “we don’t always want to do it in those same places.” Local bartenders are indeed finding a home at Twelve Mile Limit, but all sorts of other imbibers are also settling in comfortably at the bar while Newton mixes the bar’s namesake cocktail, as well as a few other original concoctions, all for around six bucks. Add in plates of Texas-style barbecue, a pool table and a few rotating craft brews, and this is one twelve-mile limit you won’t want to stray from."